From Our Minister's Work Station
From Our Minister's Workstation
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01/07/15 From The Minister's Comfy Chair

Dear Friends
I’ve been rereading  the Little World of Don Camillo.  These wonderful stories are about a rural priest in Mundo Piccolo, Italy.  The cleric is very human.  He and Peppone, the Communist mayor do not see eye to eye and try to outwit each other.    The programmes like the books are gentle and funny and always leave one hoping for more.

God appears in each tale and when the books were done on Radio Four God was played by Joss Ackland.  The interesting thing is the conversations God and his priest share together.  This portrayal of God is interesting from two view points.  God doesn’t give much away and God doesn’t let Don Camillo get away with anything.  The little priest usually knows before God speaks what is called for in his life – he doesn’t find it easy though. 

How often do we really know the answer to something without hearing from God what action to take?  Conscience is a funny thing and reliable too if we listen.  It’s interesting to hear how angry and riled the parish priest can become (not that I think in the same way you understand).  Don Camillo’s emotions are a real problem.  He gets jealous, he suffers from pride and where the mayor is concerned he is not above loathing and hatred.  But the moral is simple; Don Camillo is reminded by God of a different way – God’s way.  And God’s way is often not our way or the emotional way or the violent way, or the pious way.  It’s gentle, humble and on occasions painful. 

And so Don Camillo has another go at life until the next time.  No matter how things progress the little priest has to remember that God is in charge.  This is the important part of life in Mundo Piccolo.  This is the important part of life anywhere!

I did hear that Galatians 5:22-26 inspired the books.  If you get to hear or read the books you will be blessed.

Best Wishes