Our Safeguarding Policy


Sidmouth Methodist Church
Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults

Policy Statement

As people of Sidmouth Methodist Church we are concerned with the wholeness of each individual within God’s purpose for everyone.

We seek to safeguard all members of the Church Community of all ages in the day to day life of the Church, to create and maintain an environment where children, vulnerable adults and those working with them are safe and valued, and in which all can develop physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Sidmouth Methodist Church commits itself to respond immediately to any allegation or cause for concern that a child or vulnerable adult may have been harmed and will fully co-operate with the police and local authority in any investigation, whether the incident occurs in the church or in another context. It commits itself to challenge the abuse of power of anyone in a position of trust.

Sidmouth Methodist Church also commits itself to the implementation of the Connexional Safeguarding Policy: government legislation and guidance and safe practice in the Circuit and in the churches.

Minister Rev. Steve Santry 01395 262510
Safeguarding Officer Rev. Steve Santry 01395 262510
Circuit Safeguarding Officer Rev. Julian Albrow 01392 255791
District Safeguarding Officer Mrs. Christine Slaney 01392 214239


(This policy is reviewed annually)