From Our Minister's Work Station
From Our Minister's Workstation
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01/02/16 From the Minister's Radiogram

I have been reading this morning some interesting and thought provoking articles in the press about death. Not just any old departures (there is no such thing of course) but rock starts and actors. One piece in particular chilled the blood as it declared ‘ a lot of rock starts are going to die in the next ten years’ and I join many of you in thinking ‘Oh No! We will have to face more of the sycophancy that was aired last week. What possessed the BBC to turn what seemed like the whole year over to the death of David Bowie. What made them fill most of the day’s news output when far greater issues should have come first.

I don’t remember great coverage when John Wayne or Fred Astaire left the scene, a somber announcement some footage and the nation was on to the weather. The same was true for Sinatra and Grace Kelly.

I admit I didn’t know David Bowie was a well regarded artist away from the recording studio. He also championed equality long before people took the matter seriously; but he also had a dark side that went with the territory of early rock music.

Someone noted the coverage was down to the first death of heroes for a generation who now control the Media. For some this is the person who really meant something in their life, it may even be the first time they have faced bereavement. I think it’s also a sign of the problem that death is going to be for younger people. It is that moment of thinking is this all there is, it’s also the insecurity of a secular generation. They have done everything to avoid religion and have now reached the point of dismissing it. At times like this faith provides assurance and hope. Many now look at the hole that secularism leaves and decide that until they can get their mind round the loss they will just fill the air with recordings and analysis of their hero’s life.

It’s all very sad and rather shallow, the hope of Christ has far more to offer to Hero and zero alike (for zero read a nobody in youth speak). In Christ all are welcome but everyone has to make their own response. Some wild childs of yesteryear used to be quite bold about their desire for going to hell but our young today have no such plans, vocabulary or understanding. They have been drawn to a secular agenda that has only oblivion as its outcome. Not even life on Mars is a possibility (I refer to one of Bowie’s songs). Our young need a better hope, they need comfort, choice and wisdom. I said a few years ago that there were Christian’s praying for the conversion of celebrities and athletes. I am now reminded of the wisdom of that plan, if our next Rocker goes having been converted and proud of it that could make a very interesting story. It could make people think afresh.

We might use the present loss to talk to those around us about hope and death. Perhaps share how Christ has given us peace in our times of loss. We need to get organised because sadly we will be going through this loss of ‘the world wide loved’ numerous times in the next few years. You might agree with an acquaintance of mine “There is only so much flesh and blood can stand”.
If we are going to endure this at least make it work for the Kingdom.