From Our Minister's Work Station
From Our Minister's Workstation
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30/11/10 From the Minister's Christmas Tree....

At the time of writing this it apparently it has not been decided what this year’s ‘must have’ present will be. No doubt whatever is chosen will instantly be in short supply as shops and the internet go into melt down. Online spending is expected to reach £11.5 billion this Christmas, thats a 28.8% increase on 2009. Yes, the season of shopping is upon us once more. UK consumers spend more on Christmas than any other European country. Though this year experts say spending will be down, so what will be the ‘hit’ present.
Last year at the Manse we actually had a ‘cool’ present for the family, I won’t tell you what it was but someone brought the light fitting down while using it on Christmas Day. Now you didn’t have that problem with a tangerine and a new penny I am sure. As yet the jury is out on the presents for this year among the girls, who knows what may be heading their way. I wonder how often you have been asked for one gift only to be told another is now the choice just after you bought the first choice. Who ever had the idea of the letter to Santa was a genius.
The Gospel readings of Christmas go far beyond the presents that everyone remembers so willingly. The journeys, individuals and events surround a most wonderful birth. The prophetic words of men from years before are fulfilled and people respond to actions of God’s love. They then withdraw and enable Christ to grow to manhood before his ministry begins. Jesus Christ comes into the world to live, to teach, to convince and challenge people about the love of God. He comes to die for each one of us so we may be free. His resurrection proves his promise for eternal life for those who believe in him. It’s an epic tale that must not be diluted and stripped of meaning by a society that just loves shopping for the event.
For every Christian sharing the reason for season provides a challenge. Whether it’s Nativity scenes or using religious cards and stamps or bringing people to festive events in church it should be a priority for all of us. Please invite people to the Carol service, attend Christmas day worship with the family and tell the children something of the story.
There is nothing wrong with shopping or turkey and all the rest of it, but Christmas is about Christ. The iPad, socks and ‘Strictly’ DVD may be wonderful but Christ is the ‘must have’ present in everyone’s life. He is priceless and made to measure for each of our souls, he is always in stock and people cannot afford to be without him.
The ‘must have’ present has been the same for over 2000 years!

A happy Christmas to you all

Brian, Sara, Charlotte, Emily and Flora