From Our Minister's Work Station
From Our Minister's Workstation
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31/10/10 A new life and a new start.

The rescue of the Chilean Miners has moved people around the world, I wonder how many of you even remember the news that they had gone missing. A message came back on a drill rod that all the men were alive and confined to a rescue area deep under ground. Next a video picture came through of a miner peering up at the camera. The world held its breath, it was thought that the men could be rescued but it would take till Christmas.

We know the story and have been amazed by the efforts and determination of the Industry to get the men back. The families setting up camp at the mine and keeping the press close to hand probably helped and in the midst of it all faith has been a significant talking point for many.

Prayers, services and comments about trusting God came from above and below ground. When the men began emerging from what could have been their tomb many knelt in prayer and talked about their faith. Many prior to rescue had said that if they got their lives back they would make more time for family, marry their partners and would be more tolerant etc.

We have all been fascinated by this story and we wish them well, it will not be easy and some may struggle to cope after such long confinement. But each man knows he has been given a new start, a new life and it’s to be hoped that such a gift is not wasted – but they are only human. I don’t know what the Chilean press is like but ours would be waiting for the first mistake to turn on they with lurid headlines.

A new life and a new start lies at the core of the Christian message. In the bible being born again or people being raised to life from the dead underline that change and fresh beginnings are gifts from God. For each of those men and the two rescuers who went to get them life will look different. Hopefully trivia won’t matter, values will have shifted and the preciousness of life will have new meaning.

Here though we may be disappointed, one may come out full of excitement but it is hard to sustain. Recently a hard living celebrity had an organ transplant having wrecked his first one with his lifestyle. He vowed to change and made declarations to the donor’s family but sadly it wasn’t long before he was ruining himself once again and died. People will expect a lot from the Chilean Miners and it will bring a lot of pressure to bear.

God expects a lot from us but he also knows that we have this dreadful habit of failing miserably. That is why he sent Christ to our world and offered us Grace. We may use rather a lot of Grace in our lifetime but he gives us numerous opportunities. If we stay close and listen to God we can learn to live and value life throughout. Perhaps the Chilean Miners have found that already during their absence.

Best wishes Brian