Letters From Brian, Our previous Minister

Recent copies of the letters from our previous Minister Brian. These are reproduced from the monthly Newsletter..

01/03/2009: Keswick in Devon Visit and Outreach

I give a warm word of welcome to those visiting us for the Keswick in Devon Convention. We hope you enjoy this year's event and find this venue a place of welcome and blessing.

There are a number of activities that are capable of providing a 'holiday' for those who follow an interest. Motorbikes, rock music, tennis and opera provide the chance to get away and indulge a passion. With that in mind the idea of heading off for a week long event studying the bible isn't such an unusual activity. However, the thought of spending most of the week in church listening to a Speaker and singing hymns can certainly lift eyebrows among our neighbours. The Bible Week is definitely regarded as the preserve of the ultra keen but I suppose the same is true for Glyndebourne and the TT.

As someone who has been to many Bible Weeks including Keswick (the one in the Lakes with the rain) I can say that such experiences provide a real blessing and encouragement. This church is planning a Church Weekend next year and I am sure that spending time together will be very positive. And whether it's discussion on theology or on "hard rock" it is that shared experience with like minded souls that makes these events so worthwhile. Of course an event where God has been invited will definitely have the edge. So leave time in the schedule to wait upon Him and his touch upon your life.

As you know, Keswick in Devon is being held here at the Methodist Church this month as All Saints Church is awaiting renovation work. I know a number of local people attend Keswick in Devon each year and everyone is most welcome to attend the events and visit the exhibition in the Main Hall.

Coming together to understand faith is a wonderful privilege, yet it's something that often gets put off in our busy world. When we read the Gospels we see the readiness of people to hear Christ's teaching. There are a number of passages that refer to gathering crowds, The Apostles also drew people to listen to teaching. Men and women found time to consider the big questions of life, eternity and purpose, they even debated such matters. These questions are just as real today but it's amazing what we find to postpone such considerations. Events like Keswick enable people to think again about the big questions and to find confidence to talk about such things with others. I hope you will be blessed and encouraged in the days ahead.

Just take it slowly though or the neighbours will know you have been on 'one of those weeks again'.

Every Blessing, Brian Hadfield
From Our Previous Minister, Brian
I give a warm word of welcome to those visiting us for the Keswick in Devon Convention