From Our Minister's Work Station
From Our Minister's Workstation
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December 2016 From the Minister’s Christmas Tree

The lights are going up, the seasonal adverts are running and the Church is gearing up to welcome people who want to hear the Christmas story. No doubt our own arrangements are coming into view, cards, presents and food.

Advent will lead us through the road map of events leading to the birth of Jesus. For those who who make the time it is a comforting journey to follow showing God’s love for all. It marks the next chapter of God reaching out to all people. It offers Hope, Peace and Love. It is a cause for celebration.

Of course it’s a story with a long interval. Baby Jesus comes into view, then briefly appears at twelve years old and then is not heard of again until his late twenties/early thirties. It’s no wonder people lose the plot about Christian faith. But it should not be a problem, in today’s entertainment we are quite used to being asked to witness different periods in the history of the characters. In some films we are expected to bounce back and forth over a number of years. Therefore it’s not asking a lot to see a persons life with some unaccounted history. When they talk about the mystery of God its historical as well spiritual.

For many, the manger is the beginning and the end of the story,. Recent surveys reveal its worse than this. There was a survey a few days ago that revealed that a number of young people didn’t know there had been an election in America so what hope for the Lord.
So I invite you to be part of the local process of giving a reminder or indeed a first time invitation to people to see the real Christmas. Services over the next few weeks celebrate Jesus’ coming and give the bigger picture that may open hearts to God’s love in a new way. We can enjoy all the trimmings but the main event is knowing that God loves and cares for everyone of us.

However you spend Christmas I hope you will know and share that sense of celebration in knowing Gods gift to us all.

Happy Christmas From

Brian, Sara, Charlotte, Emily and Flora