From Our Minister's Work Station
From Our Minister's Workstation
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01/07/2016 From the Minisiter's Standpoint

The murder of Jo Cox shocked everyone, it was hard to comprehend how this person had been sentenced to death for doing a job which people appreciated and a job which she loved. She came across as the ideal MP and not everyone speaks so well of their own representative .Considering the recent all time low for which politics has become known this hers was a remarkable achievement.

In recent year the political Class has been found to have creative accountancy; a skill for not always being in the Chamber even at moments of crisis and some were even content to ask questions while being ‘sponsored’ companies or pressure groups. Also many MP’s were not know for responding to concerns from their constituents. Many people have lost heart in politics.

However, Jo Cox was the very model of a modern, major improvement on the conduct of others. She was available, local, responsive, caring and compassionate – she was not afraid to speak truth to power. And she was young – well forty one is young for many of us!

Her life and death has given us much food for thought because this talented young lady could run rings round others in the Courts of Westminster. Though she didn’t seem to revel in it or publicises it. Who else from the Westminster Village would be celebrated in this way?

Of course death doesn’t usually activate a tirade of ill judged comments for any one but Jo seems to have been the focal point of love and affection and a person who just blessed others.

The Sermon on the Mount in Matthew chapter five sets out a list of nine features of conduct which make a person useful to society and kind hearted as well. The last three blessing seems to depend on Faith “ Blessed are you when people insult and persecute you .......because of me.” This is the final teaching in that discourse.

I don’t know where Jo stood with faith but the first six blessings seems amply covered in what she achieved. We will not know this side of eternity what she thought on the subject but I trust she will rest in peace and we pray for her family. I hope they find strength and constant ability to rejoice in what Jo did.

If we have learnt anything though this terrible episode it is that a richly blessed number of young MP’s have entered the House to join many other excellent Members . And after a number of problems with the body politic I think we should thank God for this improvement. I just wish we had come to know her nationally without losing such a wonderful lady.