From Our Minister's Work Station
From Our Minister's Workstation
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01/07/11 From The Minister's Umbrella When the music stops ...

Well, when they print my obituary in the Minutes of Conference (if they are still doing such things in years to come) it will show that I occupied three circuits in eight years. This was achieved with just one removal van and a little bit of conversation. I started here in the Sidmouth and Bridport Circuit, then it became the Sidmouth Circuit and now we are becoming (wait for it) the Exeter, Coast and Country Circuit. Nine ministers and twenty seven churches and three Circuits make up this new structure and we are losing a portion of our existing Circuit as Chard and Combe Martin sail off to join South Petherton and friends.
Change was not unknown in the New Testament; deacons were appointed; personnel changed; responsibilities given; new areas of work began. In Methodism we used to occupy much larger circuits than has just been created. We should also bear in mind the formation of denominations as well. The Church has always been evolving.
Change is a necessary though sometimes uncomfortable experience. People want to hold on to what they know. In the Church the experience of change can be hard work. You may have heard the joke about the new vicar who wanted to move the piano. When the congregation kicked up she decided she would move it two inches every week. The new circuit has great support and the opportunities for different projects and thought look very promising. For most of the time the changes will not be too visible at Sidmouth. I am one of the few ministers in this national process who has not gained more work and more churches. Apparently our numbers in the section are above the normal quotas for ministry, ( no wonder I am going grey).
I have been really impressed by the way people have stepped up to the challenge for this new work, plan making and finance being just two of the challenges that spring to mind. We have been able to prepare for the changeover without conflict or too much difficulty.
We are marking the changeover with various services and prayer. Wednesday 31 of August marks the last day of each of our Circuits so we are asking people in all three circuits to observe a day of prayer and fasting for the new circuit. At 12.00pm that day there will be a prayer meeting at the church for those who wish to gather and ask God’s blessing on this work. Praying for one another and for and this wider fellowship is an essential part of owning the next stage of our development. Sharing that experience with the other circuits will prepare us for the work which lies ahead.
“From the old things to the new……”
Best wishes

21 August Circuit Service marking the closure of the Circuit and our farewell to Rev Marilyn Tricker
6.30pm at Seaton

4 September Circuit Service Welcome for Rev Beth McDowell, 6.30pm at Tower St, Exmouth

23 September Circuit Service Blessing of Exeter, Coast and Country Circuit at 7.30 Sidwell St, Exeter
The preacher will be Rev Leo Osborn, President of the Methodist Conference