From the Pen of Rev Steve

Recent copies of the minister's letters from Rev Steve. These are reproduced from the monthly Newsletter.

December 2023: Church Connections

As part of our connection with Christmas this year a number of churches are involved in preparing an image of Jesus painted on a stone. These images will then be left around the town for people to find and take into their own homes. On the underneath a Facebook page address will be provided in order for people to find out more about the true message of Christmas if they so wish.

Christmas Stone

In a world that so often seems to be on self destruct I can sometimes feel rather helpless. I cannot solve the situation in Gaza, I cannot bring peace to Ukraine, I do not have direct communication with our Government on local issues, and if I’m honest even if I did I’m not sure I have the brain capacity to solve even some of the simpler issues we each face.

When faced with the cumulative pain of the world it is sometimes helpful to simplify matters and do two basic things, pray and make a difference in my own life. As I have mentioned before, prayer is our offering to God and our desire to be real in that encounter. It is also our litmus paper to make sure that we do not stride too far away from the kingdom values that shape our lives. Yet the second thing that we can do is make a difference in our lives. As Michael Jackson wrote in one of his songs, “If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make that change”. In short it is no good moaning about the plight of the Palestinians, the Ukrainians or people in poverty in this country unless I am prepared to do something about it. The simple Christmas gift of a baby Jesus painted on a stone may not seem much but it may be the difference that one individual needs this festive season. The message of a poor defenceless needy child in a world where power and strength is the usual language is needed as much today as it ever was.

Below are words taken from Michaela Youngson’s book ‘Making The Colours Sing’.

Welcome Jesus
Here is warm and prickly straw
Here is soft swaddling bands
Here is a world that needs you, little baby
Here are our hearts - make us your manger
Here are our lives - make us your Bethlehem
Here is your church - make us your body.

May you know joy, peace, hope and love this Christmas time and beyond.
From the Pen of Rev Steve
If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself