From the Pen of Rev Steve

Recent copies of the minister's letters from Rev Steve. These are reproduced from the monthly Newsletter.

February 2023: Hello from Rev Steve

I’m sitting in a new office, in a new town, with new responsibilities. On Tuesday 18th January I became a resident of Sidmouth, and when you read this my hope is that all the packing boxes and paraphernalia of moving will have disappeared and the new Manse and the town will quickly feel like home. There is an official welcome service scheduled for 26th March, in which Revd Dan Haylett, our new chair of District will lead proceedings. It would be good to invite people from the town to that service, the great and the good, and those that don’t naturally feel they fit into each of those categories. It will be an opportunity to collectively mark a new chapter in the life of Sidmouth and Sidford Methodist churches. Promises will be made, and we will pray for each other, in and amongst an act of worship. Whilst that is the official service as of 1st February I will be the primary provider of pastoral care for the church.

Whilst I have been minister of the Mint, a large city centre church, surrounded by a diverse community for the last six and a half years, the majority of my ministry has been in clearly defined communities of small towns or villages. I have always considered it a privilege to get to know a new community, serve them, but also assist in the spiritual direction of the church and the wider society. The new manse is at 17 Stowbrook, Sidmouth, EX10 9FH, and that will be my office base when not out and about. You are most welcome to pop in if you are passing, but to be certain of my presence it would be better to phone or email. I am currently waiting for the BT engineer to arrive in order to set up my phone and internet connection, so at this point I do not have a landline. However you can contact me on 07379 466562 or email me on
With any new start there is also an ending. Brian Hadfield has served the town and area for around 20 years. Holding a community in prayer, leading collective worship, residing at the occasional offices, and being a pastor to a town. I am well aware that you and Brian will be grieving at this time as you come to terms with this loss. You will have had an opportunity to collectively thank each other for what has been, and how he and you have been held in ministry together. I wish him well as his role evolves and he takes on new responsibilities. Whilst the Mint is somewhat different to Sidmouth, it too is a supportive and responsive congregation. Finally I wish for this church to use Brian’s time and ministry as a lasting legacy that is retained. He will not be forgotten and his unique God given gifts will have oozed into the very DNA of the church such that they are an integral part of who you are.

So as the multitude of daffodils appear in Sidmouth, may the planting of the last twenty years continue to bear a yield of life and hope for the future.

With my regards and prayers

From the Pen of Rev Steve
I’m sitting in a new office, in a new town, with new responsibilities.